SCD is extending their warranty for all current vehicles and new purchases due to the Coronavirus situation.

Because of the world-wide pandemic our grey nomad clients aren’t getting to use their tow rigs an we also don’t want customers to have to rush in for warranty issues if their warranty is about to expire.

Our reputation is built on phenomenal customer service so this was an easy decision.

Extending our Factory Warranty is market leading and we hope we inspire other manufacturers to follow our lead. Let’s go!


We Back Our Cars

We have faith in every car that rolls out of our factory, but for extra peace of mind we also offer a 3 year or 100,000km warranty on all of our vehicles.

Australia Wide Dealer/Service Network

Wherever your travels take you, count on us to have your back if something goes wrong. Our Australia wide service network ensures you can find the right mechanic to do the job with the right parts, close to you.

Above and Beyond After Sale Service

Our service doesn’t stop when the warranty ends, we treat every customer like family and will help you out wherever you need it most. Take this example of SCD American Vehicles helping out our good friend and customer when he cracked a rim in a remote part of Australia.

We travelled across the Gibb River Road and unfortunately had a puncture. After replacing the tyres to a more aggressive tread, we noticed that one of the tyres was losing pressure and identified a slight crack in the rim. We were unable to procure a direct replacement rim – so a phone call to Eddie at SCD. Amazingly Eddie asked how many rims we needed and arranged to send two new rims from Brisbane to Geraldton. They left on the Friday and arrived in Geraldton early on the next Tuesday morning. We were absolutely blown away with this level of service. How could they get two heavy rims from a location to another which could not be further apart in Australia in such a short timeframe? What was even more amazing – was that SCD sent the two new rims over totally free. No charge for the new rims nor the transport. Could I be bold enough to ask if any other car company would provide this level of service? I think everyone would agree that this would be unheard of. – Ian and Kathy Miskin

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