DON'T BLOW SMOKE. MAKE IT. Dodge Challenger remanufactured for Australian roads.
Semoto Prestige is our authorised dealer for Dodge Challenger/Charger. All vehicles have our 3-year/100,000km factory warranty.


The iconic American staple of the Dodge Challenger finally hits Australian shores in three different models, R/T, Hellcat and Demon. Rule the road in these unique muscle cars and join one of the most exclusive car scenes in Australia, the Challenger Club.

Never a dull moment with a Challenger with each model jumping in horsepower from the 375hp R/T, 707hp Hellcat and finally the Demon at a spine shattering 840hp. Truly enjoy your drive and terrify your competition in the all powerful Dodge Challenger.

Iconic HEMI V8

With a powerful 375hp 5.7L V8 HEMI the Dodge Challenger R/T continues the pedigree of the mighty Challengers of the 70’s & 80’s. Coupled with a lightning fast 8-speed automatic transmission and launch control options, the R/T is a force to be reckoned with.

Truly Unique Styling

With a high-quality leather interior, an 8.4-inch screen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto integration and a remanufactured dash that mirrors the factory finish quality, the Challenger R/T is as nice inside as it is tough outside.

King of the Road

Near 50/50 weight distribution imparts an exhilarating driving experience. When you put your foot down, weight shifts to the drive axle to increase down-force and improve traction giving a unique drive experience comparable to old school Challengers.


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