The Toughest Titan

The Toughest Titan

Our goal was simple, create the toughest Nissan Titan in Australia and only 2 months later, here we are.

What started as a bone stock Nissan Titan has now become a fully optioned beast. The Toughest Titan started life as an imported American vehicle, it underwent the SCD remanufacturing process to become right-hand drive to comply with Australian vehicle laws. We remanufacture roughly 100 Titan’s a year, but this one is special. 

Toughest Titan before modification.

After the conversion process, SCD installed the new straight-through exhaust and the Titan went to our friends and build partners Wolf 4×4 to have all the accessories installed. Within three days, Wolf managed to install a list of accessories including:

Keeping the majority of the stock gloss white paint on show, the Titan was wrapped in a SCD livery showcasing our build partners as well as parts suppliersHiDesign wrapped the Titan and the results speak for themselves.

Toughest Titan Finished – All accessories on and vinyl wrapped.

Our accessory specialist Nick lent a helping hand to the team at Wolf to install our newly designed and engineered Nissan Titan Snorkel. We wanted a snorkel on the Toughest Titan to allow for water crossings, however there was no snorkels on the market. So we designed, engineered and manufactured our own. You can own one too, check it out here. SCD also replaced the intercooler, exhaust and added a cold air intake to the car.

Our mechanic cut the hole for the snorkel.

The Toughest Titan was debuted at the National 4×4 Show and got the attention it deserves. The Toughest Titan is just that, standing taller and wider than the majority of the other utes on display over the weekend.

The Toughest Titan on display at the National 4×4 Show in Brisbane

There’s no question about whether or not American utes will do well in the Australian market, the proof is in the pudding.