Like what UBER did to the taxi industry, SCD has disrupted the conversion industry worldwide.

SCD’s innovative and qualified team pioneered the Steering Transfer® Technology. We’re focused on innovation not our competition.

SCD is the first and only company to obtain full-volume manufacturer approval from the Australian Government for the new:

  • Ram 1500 DT
  • Ram 2500/3500 DJ

Which means we are held to same standard as Ford and Toyota. We also export and hold a number of international approvals.

How The Steering Transfer® Technology Works

SCD developed and engineered a world-first transfer box that has zero-play/backlash.

The simplistic idea behind the Steering Transfer® Technology is quite frankly genius. The two major benefits are:

  1. The OEM vehicle design is unaltered, meaning there are no new potential warranty issues arising from the remanufacture process.
  2. All OEM parts and accessories (lift kits, snorkels, brake lines etc) fit as intended on SCD vehicles. However this is not the case on vehicles converted with out-dated mirror conversion.
Steering Conversion Diagram-01
OEM steering geometry retained
No modifications to the engine bay
No extra warranty complications
Aftermarket accessories and parts compatibility


Here’s a testimonial from a customer who owned a left-hand drive Ram 3500 and travelled North America before SCD imported and remanufactured it to right-hand drive for Australian roads.

This testimonial backs up our claim that our Steering Transfer® Technology is flawless and a game changer.