Opening The New Zealand Market

Opening The New Zealand Market

What do you define as good customer service? Getting your coffee in under 5 minutes, or maybe being greeted when you enter a store? How about flying our Chief Engineer overseas to meet with the Minister of Transport to ensure compliance of your imported vehicle? That’s what we define as good customer service, and that’s what we did.

Dave and Nancy came to Australia from New Zealand to buy a caravan from Bushtracker Caravans because of their amazing quality. Following the trend of amazing quality, Bushtracker Caravans referred Dave and Nancy to SCD American Vehicles when they asked what ute could handle towing their brand new caravan. Dave came to us and purchased a Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve, a fitting choice for its luxurious interior and 4.5 tonne towing capacity. Everything was going smoothly until the vehicle left Australian shores and arrived in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, due to outdated legislation and outdated road laws, our remanufactured Nissan Titan was not eligible to be driven on New Zealand roads. We knew something had to be done about New Zealand’s laws, we wanted Dave and Nancy to enjoy their road trip, so our Chief Engineer KJ got to work.


After many late nights, document submissions and engineering reports, KJ arranged a meeting with New Zealand Transport Agency to see what we could do about the laws. When the meeting was penciled in, KJ packed his suitcase and briefcase and set off for New Zealand.

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After his first meeting with the NZ authorities KJ vowed to not take no as an answer and worked day and night from his hotel room and even purchased a printer to complete his makeshift office abroad. After 5 days the NZ authorities were satisfied and we are glad to announce that Dave and Nancy, as well as the entirety of New Zealand, can now enjoy the Nissan Titan on their soil.

Talk about great customer service.