How It Works

SCD American Vehicles moved to the cross shaft conversion method from the industry standard mirror conversion method because we believe it is superior.

A bevel box attaches to the driveline and brake/accelerator lines on the left side of the car, this then runs across to the right hand side of the car via a cross shaft to another bevel box which then connects to the pedals and steering wheel. 

This method is safer than other methods and means nothing in front of the firewall needs to be moved, which makes buying aftermarket parts a breeze. No moving in the engine bay also means we maintain a superior aircon management system, which is a reoccurring problem with mirror conversions. Because we have to remanufacture the dash, we have dedicated an entire team to creating the highest quality right hand drive American dashes in the market.

We take absolute pride in our method and our workmanship, that’s why every vehicle that comes out of SCD American Vehicles is backed with a 3 year or 100,000km warranty.