About SCD American Vehicles

Our mission is to provide Australians with great American vehicles through our reliable remanufacturing conversion process and exceptional customer support (available nation-wide).

Based in Brendale, north side of Brisbane Queensland, our factory has the full capacity to remanufacture vehicles, complete servicing and accessory fit-outs. Our customers are also welcomed on-site which features a show-room and customer lounge.

We are  driven to set standards in the right-hand dive (RHD) remanufacturing industry. Our engineering team are constantly looking for new processes and solutions to improve safety and drive quality. Because of this, we hold the highest level of Australian Government-granted manufacturing approvals.

To further support and maintain our customer relationships Australia-wide, we welcome them to our SCD American Vehicles Dealer Network. With partners like American Motors (South Australia) and Trucks n Toys (Sydney), no one is left behind.


Remanufactured right here in Australia.

24/7 Support

Unparalleled customer phone support.

Dealer Network

100% support Australia-wide.


Job done right the first time and only time.

Company History

  • 1

    2011 - The Beginning

    Steve Davison imported a Ford Mustang GT500, had it converted and sold it. Steve realised there is business to be made here and the idea of SCD American Vehicles was born.

  • 2

    2012 - A Partnership and Three Camaros

    Steve partnered with a good friend, Eddie Kocwa. Together they imported, converted and sold three Camaros within the year. This partnership formed the basis of SCD American Vehicles.

  • 3

    2012 - First Shop

    Quickly realising the potential of their service, Steve and Eddie leased their first shop at Gympie Road, Chermside. They took a risk on a 10 month lease and quickly modified the back of the offices to become a makeshift workshop to convert cars in-house.

  • 4

    2014, January - Needed more room

    SCD needed more space! The company moved into 1856 Sandgate Road Virginia, a 700m2 tin shed, on a month by month lease. This shed offered more room work on Camaros as well as Rams. Grew to 7 staff members.

  • 5

    2014, September - The Cross Shaft Conversion

    Steve redesigned the conversion process and developed the innovative Cross Shaft conversion method, which set the SCD American Vehicles apart from the industry.

  • 6

    2014, November - Engineer on Board

    SCD employed KJ, a full time federal engineer who handles all compliance and engineering standards for SCD to this day. Grew to 8 staff members.

  • 7

    2015, July - Cross Shaft Confirmed By Government

    Government audited the SCD's Cross Shaft conversion and approved it for passenger vehicles.

  • 8

    2016, August - A Challenger Approaches

    The company started importing and converting Dodge Challengers. Grew to 12 staff members.

  • 9

    2017, January - Nissan Titan Conversions

    Next task! The company introduced the Nissan Titan XD for the Australian market.

  • 10

    2017, July - American Vehicle Servicing & Accessories

    Introduced American vehicle servicing and accessories with a dedicated sales staff. SCD now employed 15 staff members.

  • 11

    2017, July - Expansion!

    The company acquired 1860 Sandgate Road, a 2500m2 shop and the start of a proper conversion facility.

  • 12

    2017, August - Growth & Bank Backing

    Bank backing for trade funding due to impeccable history - sales became much easier for customers and the company. CFO was employed. The company commenced exporting to to Hong Kong, PNG, Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • 13

    2018, August - New Facility in Brendale.

    The company purchased a new facility (40 Kremzow Road, Brendale). Customised shop fit out to be exactly as needed. Now employing to 19 staff members.

  • 14

    2018, November - Paint & Panel Shop Purchased

    Purchased Stewart’s Smash Repairs and rebranded as Autokraft. Now at 26 staff members.

  • 15

    2019, April - Bigger Is Better!

    Acquired more space at 36 Kremzow Road (nicknamed "K2"), a dedicated shop to manufacture RHD dashboards. Now at 30+ staff members employed and growing.


The team at SCD have been fantastic to deal with from first contact to delivery of my ram 1500. The open communication and updates along the way made the process stress free and reassuring. The end product was my truck being converted and delivered with exceptional quality as it was promised. After owning the vehicle for over a month now, nothing has changed. The after sales service has been fantastic. I can highly recommend SCD if your after a no fuss and reliable experience.
Wow! Another beautiful vehicle from SCD America. After 140,000klm of fault free motoring, I was at end of lease of my Dodge Ram 2500 it was time to replace it. So I’ve just taken delivery of my Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve. What a truck another faultless conversion from the crew at SCD America. After having the Dodge to tow my 3.5 tonne boat and getting 13klm per litre while cruising up the highway to my next fishing destination. I am sure the new Titan with its twin turbo 5Ltr Cummins motor is going to return about the same. These trucks from America are just amazing with all the bells and whistles and the huge towing capacity. If you are a caravan person or boat person do not waste your money on anything else. Both of my brother in-laws drive tricked up Sahara’s but after driving them there is no comparison to the XD. So if you’re looking for the perfect vehicle for your next adventure give Steve & Eddie a call at SCD America.Stephen K – (Phone number available through Steve & Eddie if you would like to talk to me about their service and support)
What an Amazing team.I’ve purchased an RT challenger through these guys and couldn’t be happier with the car. Attention to detail on conversion through to dealing with Eddie and Sean on the sale to the RT being delivered to Melbourne was seamless and much better than some of the big dealers I’ve dealt with. I’m usually not a big reviewer but these guys honestly earned it and recommend anyone looking for one if there cars, Don’t hesitate ! Keep up the awesome work guys. David
I have purchased two vehicles from SCD American Vehicles and have no complaints. Eddie and the team are more than capable of producing a RHD US muscle car conversion. The end result is flawless considering it wasn’t mass line produced in the US. I would recommend SCD, not like some of the ratings of 1 star by people who have never dealt with them.
what other glowing review can I give of the team at SCD other than buying one of their vehicles after dealing with them for over 8 years? the lengths they go to for their clients during the sale and even more so after the sale is complete is unparalleled. I have financed many clients for them over the 8 years I have worked with them and not one has even had a bad experience & I have seen first hand the lengths they will go to for any warranty repairs flying interstate even repairing a vehicle that was out of warranty and had been sold by their original owner (who purchased off SCD) at their cost. Yes they do refer me business and have done so for years but if their product was not up to scratch or had constant issues I definitely would have heard about it from my clients and there is no way I would have spent six figures (a few figures over budget) myself on one of their rams, a decision I am very happy I made.
Good guy's second to none
The SCD Team is the absolute best for conversions and after sales support. They continue to exceed our expectation in every facet of their operation. Extremely professional and always available for support. As the team who do the conversions, they know all about their vehicles. Nothing is ever a problem. We have never dealt with a company that is so committed to providing such a high level of customer service. We just love our Ram 2500. It tows our 4.5t Bushtracker with absolute ease and great economy.

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