6-Door Nissan Titan XD: FrankenTitan

6-Door Nissan Titan XD: FrankenTitan

When you set out to build a world-first, you have to think outside the box.

After a phone call and a bit, the four-month commissioned project delivered the FrankenTitan! The world’s first six-door, nine-seat off-road limousine Nissan Titan XD. From day one, nothing would prepare the team for such a challenge but we couldn’t be happy with the result.


FrankenTitan Side
A world’s first.


With SCD American Vehicles’ Steve Davison heading the project, the FrankenTitan was built on one Nissan Titan XD and a second donor. Emphasis was put on engineering to strengthen and lengthen the chassis and retaining original design cue. It’s been stretched from the original 6-metres (19.6ft) to a whopping 7.3-metres (23.9ft) in overall length with the obvious two extra doors! The biggest challenge was attaching the original cab to the extension cab, with a seamless connection on the rooftop (the original rooftop dips naturally by design).

Besides the extended tailshaft, the running gear remains stock and the Bilstein and King Spring 2-inch lift helps give FrankenTitan a more dominant and proportional stance plus we added the bullbar and sidestep/brush bar combo ensures this limousine toy-hauler can cruise through the outback.


The team attaching the extension.


The interior at a quick glance looks like it’s from the Nissan catalogue however a longer perusal will show the effort and lengths SCD went to, to fulfil the customer’s requests. FrankenTitan boasts a custom centre seat in the front row to accommodate the latest edition to the customers family as well as two roof-mounted TV screens and plus centre roof aircon unit. There’s also enough USB ports for all nine passengers!


FrankenTitan in motion!
FrankenTitan in motion!


SCD American Vehicles owners, Eddie and Steve
SCD American Vehicles owners, Eddie and Steve with the world’s first 6-door Nissan Titan XD.

“This project demonstrates our capabilities and hopefully we partner with Nissan to provide full-volume remanufacturing of the Titan for the Australian market.” – Eddie Kocwa.

Although the FrankenTitan looks like it came straight off the production line in Mississippi, it wouldn’t be possible without arduous months of SCD American Vehicle’s amazing team of engineers, fabricators, mechanics, panel beaters, spray painters, interior trimmers, dash specialists and their tireless efforts.

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