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Sourcing & Importing

We source and import vehicles straight from America and Canada.


Our engineers work with the government to ensure all our vehicles meet compliance regulations.


We are Australia's leading remanufacturing facility for left to right hand drive conversions.

Servicing & Accessories

We service all American vehicles along with accessory sourcing and fit outs.


We export remanufactured right hand drive vehicles straight worldwide.

Warranty & Support

Our dealer network spans Australia-wide, supporting every vehicle purchased under our dealer network.

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Latest News

Aug 2019
GVM, GCM, Tare: Towing Terms Explained

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Apr 2019
The Toughest Titan

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Mar 2019
Opening The New Zealand Market

What do you define as good customer service? Getting your coffee in under 5 minutes, or maybe being greeted when you

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